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HDR Photography Makes Japan Look Like CGI

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There is something unreal, or perhaps hyper-real, about HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. It evens out the lighting, makes everything crisp and colourful, and gives it an artificial, if not computer generated, kind of look. Now combine that with Japan’s often surreal urban landscapes and techno-kitch culture and you have a killer combination.

Shibuya Backstreet [Tokyo] — Photo: yongfook

Pink Tentacle has plucked some of the best Fantastic Japanscapes out of the Japan HDR Flickr Photo Pool for your enjoyment. Thanks to Scott Beale at Laughing Squid for the link via Twitter.

Hello Kitty Bling Bike

Hello Kitty Bling Bike
Wow. How much does it cost to convert an innocent Hello Kitty bike frame into a canvas for 50,000 Swarovski crystals? I don’t think this is going to be used as a training bike any time soon.

(link via Trendhunter)

Simpsons and Futurama Make Good Anime (As Does Calvin and Hobbes!)

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If you haven’t seen the work of Space Coyote yet, you probably will soon. The anime renditions of the entire Simpsons clan have started opening a few doors. These are essentially reverse caricatures, or re-caricatures, pulling the main identifying features from one genre to another. Space Coyote is very good at this, and continues to draw Matt Groening characters, as well as other well known and stylistic cartoon icons like Calvin and Hobbes.

via Trendhunter

Calvin and Hobbes anime style

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Issey Miyake – The Sexiest Type Ever

 Issey Miyake

This is my nomination for  Best Fashion Show of 2007.

Issey Miyake (via)

Fantastic Plastic Man: Playing Doctor With Japanese Organs

Fantastic Plastic Organs 1Fantastic Plastic Organs

Who hasn’t always wanted a miniature pancreas? Mark Frauenfelder’s friend brought these amazingly mini-anatomical toys over from Japan. Would you believe each box comes with a stick of gum? That’s like eating sushi after seeing a Body Worlds exhibit… (via Boingboing)

You won’t find these in the supermarket gumball machines, but you can buy them at Giant Robot in the U.S.

This Peep Can Keepon Dancing

Read more about Keepon the dancing robot on the Engadget blog.

May The PePaKuRa Be With You

Toysrevil links to this crazy crafting site of paper Lego StarWars characters. The country that brought us origami takes it one step further with 3D modeling software, a printer, paper, and a stick of glue. If I had a few hundred spare hours in my day, I’d be all over this sh*t!

Using software such as PePaKuRa Designer [PC only] from Tama software, it is possible to import and convert 3D polygon models from various sources, making it easier to design and create your own papercraft models.
Wikipedia entry

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