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Wes Anderson directs American Express


American Dad Vs Family Guy Online Kung-Fu Action!

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Pit Peter vs Stan, or Stewie vs Roger, or heck, why not Peter vs Meg? Take your favourite characters from American Dad and the Family Guy, mix in a little Street Fighter Kung-Fu action, add a dash of flash and a DVD promotion, and you’ve got yourself a fun little time waster. You can play in Arcade mode against the computer, or challenge a friend with head-to-head battles. I’d like to see someone try Family Guy Vs The Simpsons. Just putting it out there. Now get back to work.

Link: American Dad Vs Family Guy

Parking Perfection

Park your Peugeot

Park your Peugeot, head first. Time to beat: my 7.9 seconds. I have proof, if you need it.

Build a sexy burger


Alright, following the AMAZING TV spot, now you can build your own burger with the Whopperettes. Thank me. Thank me now.

Design Anarchy

Here’s a look at design from the point of view of Adbusters founder Kalle Lasn.  I can’t decide if I like the content of this book sample better than the fact that you can “leaf” through it so nicely online.  Be sure to view this full-screen.

Sign up for the Order of the Serpentine: Axe has done it again

Iserpentine.gif'm not sure whether I can keep up anymore. Axe keeps throwing these campaigns out there to help guys on the dating scene. At what point do I give in and buy this stuff, spray it on and wait for the results? Maybe I'll finally get lucky with that 87 year-old beauty down the hall in 3B. Where do I sign up? I'll just have to click here: THE ORDER OF THE SERPENTINE

The Anti-Flickr

Finally, for those of us who just want to shut out spam, the blogosphere, mp3s, instant messages, playlists, Myspace, online communities, and all erstwhile human contact, there's isolatr, the anti-Flickr.


It's only a beta right now, but it looks like it'll be great at… um… whatever I'm sure it won't do.

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