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The Ghastly Tribbles: Edward Gorey Does Star Trek

Here’s another sci-fi genre-bending mash-up mixer: imagine Star Trek’s most memorable episode, The Trouble With Tribbles, as written and illustrated by Edward Gorey. Special thanks to Shaenon K. Garrity, who brought this send up to life.

Edward Gorey Star Trek Tribbles 02
(via Metafilter)

The Simpsons Star Wars Intro

UPDATE: This article has been moved to

While we all wait for the Star Wars version of Family Guy to come out, along comes this surprisingly authentic-looking Star Wars introduction to the Simpsons. It’s actually a homemade parody by illustrator ‘dude’ Rich Cando. First he’s going to get a big cease and desist from Lukas Arts and Fox. Then he’s going to get a big juicy job offer. On the internet that’s known as a win-win scenario.

Here are some screengrabs for when the video gets pulled:

Simpsons Star Wars 00

Simpsons Star Wars 01
Bart Skywalker and Yoggie

Simpsons Star Wars 02
Darth Homer

Simpsons Star Wars 03
Ned Solo and Chewbarney

Simpsons Star Wars 04
Abe Kenobi

Simpsons Star Wars 05
Moe’s Cantina

Simpsons Star Wars 06
No Droids

Simpsons Star Wars 08
Bart Skywalker’s Speeder Bike

Simpsons Star Wars 09
Darth Homer Runs Past Ned Solo Frozen In Carbonite

Simpsons Star Wars 10
Darth Homer, Queen Margeidala, Bart Skywalker, Princess Lisa, Yoggie, Rush For Couch. (Note homage to George Lukas’ first movie, THX 1138)

Simpsons Star Wars 11
Simpsons Star Wars Family

Simpsons Star Wars 12
Please don’t sue me!

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Kids Tote Machineguns at Canadian Summer Camp

A brilliant viral marketing campaign for War Child Canada, a charity which provides aid to war-affected children, raises awareness of the estimated 250,000 child-soldiers worldwide. Welcome to Camp Okutta, a friendly Canadian kids camp where counselors train kids how to throw grenades, shook AK-47s, and look-out for landmines.

(via trendhunter)

Awards show Virgins!

I’m 25 and I’ve never been awarded. Is something wrong with me?

If you can’t remember your first time or if you still are this might be entertaining for you!

Click this link

How To Make 20 Minute Films The French Way

Wes Anderson may disappoint but Michel Gondry is forever. I cannot wait for this movie.

Lego My Young Woz and Jobs Playset!

Two of my favourite brands (Apple and Lego) mashed together (unofficially) and served up awesome (with PodBrix). Don’t miss the Young Woz and Jobs Playset ($39.99) which will be on sale for about 3 seconds before selling out all 300 units on August 29, 2007. This is quite possibly the geekiest apple-freak gift yet.

Woz and Jobs Playset from PodBrix
(via Engadget)

Zune Is Ass Backwards

I feel guilty beating up on the Zune, but Microsoft just makes it so easy.
Zune is Ass
(via Fake Steve Jobs)

See also: Crazy Balmer Zune Dance or Zune Becomes Slang for Wannabe. Ouch.

Go To Hell With Church Sign Generator

There’s often nothing funnier than real church signs, but just in case you’ve got a hankering for the devil’s work, play around with the official Church Sign Generator.

Facebook Jesus
Heaven is full

Content Aware Image Resizing = Awesome!

Now imagine having this in Photoshop!

UPDATE: Adobe Hires Co-Inventer of Image Resizer Technology
ANOTHER UPDATE: Some Patrick Swieskowski builds his own prototype of this scaling technology that you can try with your own picures.

Bite Me


I’m always on the looking for talented people who make ad guys appear to know what they’re doing (I need all the help I can get). Bite Animation are one of those crews. They’re a small motion graphics & design studio in Johannesburg who’ve done some impressive work for some very picky creatives. They’ve just relaunched their website so go visit them.  If you’re a fan of heavily layered illustration you’ll enjoy the experience.

Bite Animation 

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