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Lego My Young Woz and Jobs Playset!

Two of my favourite brands (Apple and Lego) mashed together (unofficially) and served up awesome (with PodBrix). Don’t miss the Young Woz and Jobs Playset ($39.99) which will be on sale for about 3 seconds before selling out all 300 units on August 29, 2007. This is quite possibly the geekiest apple-freak gift yet.

Woz and Jobs Playset from PodBrix
(via Engadget)

Rubik’s Cube Solved By Lego Mindstorms Robot

Lego Rubik’s Solver

Two of my favourite toys, working together to bring back 80s nostalgia. One Daniele Benedettelli built this robot and wrote the code to crack Rubik’s. He calls it the Lego Rubik Utopy, and did it using an IDA* heuristic search algorithm, of course. It’s all available to download and build yourself. All you need is a computer, a Lego Mindstorms NXT kit, a Rubik’s Cube, and a Computer Science and Engineering PhD.

(via Trendhunter)

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