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Blackgle + NASA Night Launch = 1337

Blackgle + NASA Night Launch = 1337

With you need to use Nasa Night Launch theme to make it match. Now you can feel like you are special and stuff.

Your Underwear Drawer Is Nothing Compared to DIZZIA

We all have friends who obsess over relationships. Some of us are guilty of it ourselves. But it might be a good idea to avoid befriending a budding information designer if you don’t want your relationship dissected, contrasted, compared, and then published for the world to ruffle through. Gregory M. DIZZIA has recently uploaded a ‘Relationship Project’ which “is the documentation of every intimate relationship [he has] ever had. The data spans 23 years.”

According to the ‘data’, Gregory was in 19 different relationships in 2002, 17 of which were sexual. In October of 2004 he finally got tested for STDs. He’s been engaged 3 times, and has possibly fathered 4 children (but he’s not certain). His ratio of breaking hearts versus having his heart broken is 7:4. And it goes on.

Whether this is fact or fiction is irrelevant, since any autobiography is bias in its very nature, but this is an interesting distillation of emotion and experience. Gregory is currently working on sketches to add to the names.

Relationship Expermiment

Celebrities As Everyday Schlubs

PlanetHiltron blends celebrity mugshots onto everyday people, creating an oxymoronic combination of freakshow and banality. Some of the images are priceless. It’s a gratuitous blog praying on our obsession with fame, but twisting it enough to make it more interesting than mere gossip. Especially to us designer types.

Jennifer Blaniston
Jennifer Blaniston

Johnny Schlepp
Johnny Schlepp

John Revolta
John Revolta

Fantastic Plastic Man: Playing Doctor With Japanese Organs

Fantastic Plastic Organs 1Fantastic Plastic Organs

Who hasn’t always wanted a miniature pancreas? Mark Frauenfelder’s friend brought these amazingly mini-anatomical toys over from Japan. Would you believe each box comes with a stick of gum? That’s like eating sushi after seeing a Body Worlds exhibit… (via Boingboing)

You won’t find these in the supermarket gumball machines, but you can buy them at Giant Robot in the U.S.

The Darjeeling Limited Less Limiting For Wes Anderson?

The Darjeeling Express
I’ve been waiting for a long while to feel that vintage Wes Anderson feeling. Since Royal Tenenbaums to be exact. I expected too much from Life Aquatic and left disappointed, and what’s going on with the Fantastic Mr. Fox? If there’s one thing I do like about Anderson it’s the compositions. The wonderfully placed cameras, the beautiful details, the symmetry. That is why a movie placed smack in the heart of India can’t be anything but gorgeous. The poster and the trailer (which surfaced today) seem to point in the right direction. It’s not Rushmore, but perhaps a more mature and nuanced take on brotherly relations then Bottle Rocket? It’s all glorious speculation for now.

Dehumanized Art: Paintings by Dogs, Drawings by Trees

They say every dog has his day, but trees? How much do people need to be involved in the creation of art? What is art? Is it simply something we’d like to hang on the wall? Or is it deeper than that, more complicated than that? I don’t have any of these answers. I have noticed a bit of a trend in trying to find the next kitchy or nichey way to get attention paid to art: remove the human.

Here are some strange examples of art created without humans (that’s if you don’t count the humans tying brushes and pencils to appendages, or helping to pick out the colours, set up the canvas, laying out paper, etc etc etc…)

Dog paintings (via Buzzfeed)


Tree Drawings (via Webwalker and Design Sojourn)

The Internet Crashed!! – A Special Report

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