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Celebrities As Everyday Schlubs

PlanetHiltron blends celebrity mugshots onto everyday people, creating an oxymoronic combination of freakshow and banality. Some of the images are priceless. It’s a gratuitous blog praying on our obsession with fame, but twisting it enough to make it more interesting than mere gossip. Especially to us designer types.

Jennifer Blaniston
Jennifer Blaniston

Johnny Schlepp
Johnny Schlepp

John Revolta
John Revolta

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Bald Bitchin’ Britney

1,287 hits. That’s how many people have viewed this abc news footage of a bald Britney Spears entering a Tattoo parlor in Southern California. Now normally I don’t care much about Ms. Spears, but I am interested in viral videos. I am curious how long it will take from now (10:30am EST, Feb 17) for this video to get over a million hits, and then jump into the top 10. It happened Friday night, which may slow it down a bit, but by Monday (at the latest) this is going to catch fire. Actually, she looks kinda cool with a shaved head.


Bald Britney over 1 000 000 hitsUpdate: 284,613 in less than 90 minutes!

Update: 3:00pm Sunday February 18th, this video is well over a million hits. It is also the number one viral video on the ViralVideoChart, and Vidmeter. How long will it take to reach 10 million?


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