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Mr. Zero Punctuation

Mr. Zero Punctuation

I was a little late in catching onto Mr. Zero Punctuation [Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw], an English video game reviewer for The Escapist magazine. A few scant months back, a co-worker of mine played Croshaw’s review of The Orange Box for me (knowing that I was a huge fan of the game) – and I found myself really not only bowled over by the quality of the review itself, but in the funny and unique presentation. Obviously, the guy gets his moniker from his verbal delivery… he snarkilytalksreallyfastandgetsinalotinaveryshortamountoftime – but the accompanying minimalist / information graphics-style animations are so simple, subversive, and friggin’ fast that you NEED to be paying very close attention to be getting all the jokes, cross-references, jabs, and barbs.

Hell, I’m even not the world’s biggest gamer (in fact, I remain blissfully unaware of most of the games he reviews), but whatever… I could watch this guy review breakfast cereal.

Check him out either via The Escapist or his blog.

Inscribed in the Living Tile

TTC meets 1%

This article, plain and simple, blew me away. Presented at the ATypI Conference (Brighton, U.K., September 2007) by Joe Clark, a Toronto-based Accessibility Consultant, designer, and writer, this well-researched and comprehensive dissertation on the triumphs and foibles (but mostly foibles) of the inconsistent use of signage throughout Toronto’s city-wide transit system opened my eyes to so much happening around me (and I don’t just mean in regards to the TTC).

Everything from information design, accessibility, clarity, font usage, and branding comes into question throughout the article, taking into account history, opportunity, hegemony, possibility, and bureaucratic politics. It’s a bit of a long read, but I promise you’ll learn something.

Bad Signs

The Politically Incorrect Alphabet

The Politically Incorrect Alphabet
Inspired by Dick Bruna’s Miffy, The Politically Incorrect Alphabet was supposed to just be a cute little one-off creative joke created by one Mark Jones to taunt his wife (who just happens to be a kindergarten teacher). Of course, ‘project creep’ sunk in and the effort snowballed.

As an online alphabetic flash-card set, it’s equally offensive, cute, fun, inspiring, stupid, useless, awesome, and completely politically incorrect (hence the name, duh). Most of the illustrations were inspired by suggestions culled from the site’s various forums (one for each letter).

It doesn’t look like it’s been updated in about a year, but I guess that’s what happens to weird stuff like this on the web – sooner or later, anyone can discover and ‘explode’ it.

Be sure to check out the additional downloads and look for animated easter eggs.

More About The Helvetica Film


In the early days of my career I could identify obscure typefaces, name them from memory and find them in the deepest recesses of file structures long turned to the dust. My father was disappointed with me. My mother thought I was an idiot. I was a font geek and proud of it. Since then I’ve discovered girls and drink so my font skills are sadly rusted, but I can still appreciate the premise of a movie dedicated to a font that surrounds us. It’s everywhere. It’s the old fall back when you’ve run out of ideas for a contemporary furniture store/software company/cafe/dog parlour/toy factory/hairdresser/book cover/wine label/music festival/museum/fashion store/gig poster/web site/brochure/giant robot/animated film/train company/air conditioner/shampoo packaging/liquor store/spectacle boutique/rodeo invitation/hip hop clothing line/”Mom” tattoo/strip club neon signage/taxi company/airport/ironic hotel/sex shop/digital camera/street sign/DVD/chap stick/bakery/auditor/lawyer/restaurant/coffee blend/Peruvian tour guides/doomsday cult/jewelry designer/2nd hand vacuum cleaner store/antique copyist/”designer” anything.

Frankly. Helvetica kills me. Check out the movie here, there are clips with Brody and blogs and stuff.

Paint It Blak

Coca-Cola Blak

Coca-Cola, scourge of teeth the world over and life-giving elixir to people like me, has a very cool little product called Coca-Cola Blak. My French is awful so, if I’ve deciphered correctly, it’s an extra caffiene hit of Coke and it comes in fantastic packaging options.

More importantly though, the website is beautiful. Kinda meaningless, but we forgive all meaningless things that are beautiful.

This new look of Coke is part of their new global campaign that Weiden+Kennedy has developed and is being rolled out across the world (a campaign which is taking forever to launch).

Link to Blak

ps. link via Graeme, thanks dude.

Vote For My Moji!


This is Appleman. He is one of 6 vector-based charicatures I’ve posted on If no one votes for them, they will be disappear into relative obscurity. However, if they become popular, they will advance from Fresh to Hot Moji. The top 16 Moji move on to MojiWar and the battle begins!

Help Appleman, Bad, Evil George, DocuMike, Dick, and WhatsHisName become the MojiChamp and gain the people’s ovation and fame forever. I didn’t make this stuff up. It’s all in the MojiWar Rulebook.

[Editor’s Note: If you are using the GreaseMonkey extension in Firefox, the images on MojiZu will not appear.]

Each week, at 4 p.m. on Monday (PST), the top 16 Mojis, again based on popularity, are moved into the War. The 16 Moji’s are randomly matched into 8 battles. During the next 7 days, members vote for the Moji that they prefer in each battle. At the end of the week, the winning Moji from each battle moves forward into the next round, where it is matched with another winner.

There are 4 rounds, the 4th being the final Super Match to see who will be Grand Champ. MojiWar is an ongoing competition, every week a new Grand Champ is selected and 16 new Mojis are moved into Battle Round 1.


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