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Mr. Zero Punctuation

Mr. Zero Punctuation

I was a little late in catching onto Mr. Zero Punctuation [Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw], an English video game reviewer for The Escapist magazine. A few scant months back, a co-worker of mine played Croshaw’s review of The Orange Box for me (knowing that I was a huge fan of the game) – and I found myself really not only bowled over by the quality of the review itself, but in the funny and unique presentation. Obviously, the guy gets his moniker from his verbal delivery… he snarkilytalksreallyfastandgetsinalotinaveryshortamountoftime – but the accompanying minimalist / information graphics-style animations are so simple, subversive, and friggin’ fast that you NEED to be paying very close attention to be getting all the jokes, cross-references, jabs, and barbs.

Hell, I’m even not the world’s biggest gamer (in fact, I remain blissfully unaware of most of the games he reviews), but whatever… I could watch this guy review breakfast cereal.

Check him out either via The Escapist or his blog.


Sketchcast or Slothcast?


Yes, I’m probably being unfair. I bumped into Sketchcast’s offering and was intrigued. It is a really good idea. It’s also so remarkably basic that it’s doomed to failure I fear (Doomed! Doomed!). sigh. Anything that says I can draw a blog and post it sounds great. A simple tool to spice up our picture + words offering. Unfortunately it’s so slow. There is no option to double, triple or quadruple speed your drawing. It plays back at the speed that you made it. Which is slow. We write slowly if it’s going to legible with their chunky pen. It’s slow if you have make sure the line is processed smoothly and not like a heroine addict withdrawing while drawing. I couldn’t even be bothered sitting through the whole playback of my quick blog test video (see incomplete above).

And another thing, WordPress don’t support the embedding of their video! C’mon WordPress. Lighten up a bit. It’s not java. Or anything malicious. It’s just slow.

Play with it, discard it and then maybe the developers will make it better.


ps. Don’t get me started on Virb’s slow poke development cycle!

Briefs – Episode One

Briefs - Episode One

Check out the debut episode of Briefs, an online animated series about the ins, outs, perils, foibles, quirks, cliches, idiosyncrasies, truths, lies, and graphic violence of the advertising world.

To quote one advertising Blogger:

“…it may be offensive to some in our business since [Briefs] pokes fun at advertising stereotypes like excessive drinking, creative directors that don’t work, internships that last forever for no pay … there is a bit of cartoon gore, men in tighty-whiteys and mistreatment of both interns and account executives.”

If this sounds like something up your alley, go take a peek… but beware, the above part about men in tighty-whities is true.

Absolute scads of episodes are in production and coming soon!

Cow Abduction Site

cow abductions

It’s a serious problem. Countless bovines have disappeared from dairy farms everywhere. And the number of missing cows is on the rise.

With just the right combination of subtlety and goofiness, the website Cow Abduction details the mounting problem of disappearing cattle. There’s a short documentary about how farmers are trying to protect their herds, along with photos, art, plans on how to build a Cow Crow to scare away aliens, and much more. You can even submit your own abduction sitings.


Rethink Wants You To Check Out My Breasts

This breast cancer awareness campaign from Rethink is flying around the internet. (There are 61 blogs linking to it from Technorati. After this post there will be 62.) It features a cute, young, naked, blonde woman. There’s nothing really new or innovative about that: I’m sure if you tried hard enough you could find a few similar pictures online.

What’s different here is the content and the attitude. Interactive embedded video walks you through the steps of a breast self-examination in a pleasant, matter-of-fact tone. The model appears to be a bit self-conscious, but who wouldn’t be? What’s shocking is how normal it feels (although I have to admit I blushed a few times looked over my shoulder to see if anyone was watching). I can’t say if this is truly aimed at women or designed more for men but who cares? If it make anyone more aware of early detection then the site has done its job.

In their own words: Rethink Breast Cancer is a bold and enterprising charity that’s thinking differently about how to beat breast cancer. Rethink is using creative and unconventional ways to communicate about breast cancer in order to transform attitudes, debunk myths and reach women and men who feel unaffected by the breast cancer cause. For example, Rethink is using modern modes of communication to reach today’s highly interactive, visual and media savvy generation. Rethink is tapping into the art, entertainment and fashion communities to reenergize the breast cancer movement and tackle the serious issues of breast cancer in a creative and strongly positive way. Rethink is grass-roots and community oriented as well as dynamic and entrepreneurial.

Shaving Lessons

Philips Shave Everywhere

I'm amazed a company like Philips actually bought off on this.

Be sure to navigate around once the intro is done.

American Dad Vs Family Guy Online Kung-Fu Action!

UPDATE: This article has been moved to


Pit Peter vs Stan, or Stewie vs Roger, or heck, why not Peter vs Meg? Take your favourite characters from American Dad and the Family Guy, mix in a little Street Fighter Kung-Fu action, add a dash of flash and a DVD promotion, and you’ve got yourself a fun little time waster. You can play in Arcade mode against the computer, or challenge a friend with head-to-head battles. I’d like to see someone try Family Guy Vs The Simpsons. Just putting it out there. Now get back to work.

Link: American Dad Vs Family Guy

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