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Super Mario Galaxy Photography IRL

Super Mario Galaxy is filled with tiny planets (or galaxies as they are called in the game) with their own dense gravity.
Super Mario Galaxy screenshot

The spherical panoramas of Alexandre Duret-Lutz (aka gadl) resemble real-life replicas of the popular Wii game. He has even named his flickr set Wee planets, and explains the involved technique on his photo page. Here are a few samples (out of 215!):
Notre-Dame de Paris
Facing Chinagora

Van Gogh's grave
Place de l'Institut

Mr. Zero Punctuation

Mr. Zero Punctuation

I was a little late in catching onto Mr. Zero Punctuation [Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw], an English video game reviewer for The Escapist magazine. A few scant months back, a co-worker of mine played Croshaw’s review of The Orange Box for me (knowing that I was a huge fan of the game) – and I found myself really not only bowled over by the quality of the review itself, but in the funny and unique presentation. Obviously, the guy gets his moniker from his verbal delivery… he snarkilytalksreallyfastandgetsinalotinaveryshortamountoftime – but the accompanying minimalist / information graphics-style animations are so simple, subversive, and friggin’ fast that you NEED to be paying very close attention to be getting all the jokes, cross-references, jabs, and barbs.

Hell, I’m even not the world’s biggest gamer (in fact, I remain blissfully unaware of most of the games he reviews), but whatever… I could watch this guy review breakfast cereal.

Check him out either via The Escapist or his blog.

Four Wheels of Fury: Toyota Tacoma in World of Warcraft

Toyota teams up with World of Warcraft to advertise the Tocoma truck. The results are unexpectedly good. The viral is short, funny, with memorable (and quotable) dialogue.

UPDATE: Duncan’s TV Ad Land has a great article about the creators of this unlikely collaboration.

Player One
I’ve gone ahead and equipped my Epic Axe.

Player Two
Uuuuuh, switching to explosive arrows.

Player Three
Yeah, I’m gonna equip myself with a little, uh… FOUR WHEELS OF FURY!

Player Two (in discust)

Player Three drives Toyota Tacoma towards Dragon.

Player One
No way. (sigh)

Player Two
There’s no trucks in World of Warcraft!

Player Three
Let’s do this!

Player Three and Toyota Tacoma are eaten by Dragon in one gulp. Dragon breaths fire at Player Two.

Player Two (as Toyota Tacoma is eaten)

Dragon grasps chest in pain. There is a terrific explosion as Player Three and the Toyota Tacoma burst out of Dragon’s chest.

Player Three
Did you see me lay down the law? I am the Law Giver!

Rock Paper Scissors: The Documentary

It’s not every day that someone you consider a friend is the subject of a documentary film. I worked with Doug Walker in the internet boom of the late 90s, and watched in awe as his worldrps society exploded into an international phenomenon. I can’t wait to watch the whole story unfold from behind the scenees.

Graphic Geeks Kill at ‘Photoshop Hero’

 Photoshop Hero

(via NOTCOT)

Portals R Us

Doom meets Escher via Looney Tunes.

PS3 Home

PS3 Home

Sony wants you to buy their expensive PS3 console so that you can go Home!

Watch Here »

Viral Vampires! Game

Vampires! Online Game Screenshot

In a world of mind-boggling computer generated graphics, it’s comforting to know that sometimes all it takes is a great idea. My friend jrb from 15posts (among many, many other things) told me about this viral, text-based vampire game and honestly I have kept this open in one of my multiple Firefox tabs for days now. It is truly addictive in the most basic way. And be warned that by clicking on this link, you will become bitten by Hugems, my vampire.

PSP2 Codename Cobalt

UPDATE: This article has been moved to

PSP Cobalt Production Specs

I dunno if this is for real but there are some specs that comes with it.

– All Metal & Ruggedized Rubber Build
– 200% Brighter Screen
– Dual Analog Controllers
– Visual Battery Display
– 8GB Flash Drive
– Wifi (a,b,g)
– Bluetooth V.2 (A2DP, AVRCP)
– Firmware 4.07

No word yet on Battery Life and Media Files Support!

– Updated Pic from (Gizmodo)
– Axe like shape (Thick on the top and thins out on the bottom)
– 12mm (TOP) 6mm (BOTTOM)

UPDATE: April 4, 2007
– Lowered Price of current PSP Version in preparation of new PSP
– The picture on top was a concept mock for production

More new specs:
Un-official PSP Specs
Product Name: PlayStation®Portable (PSP)
Color: Black
Dimensions: Approx. 170 mm (L) x 74 mm (W) x 24 mm (D)
Weight: Approx. 260g (including battery)
CPU: PSP CPU (System clock frequency 1~677MHz)
Main Memory: 128MB
Embedded DRAM: 32MB
Display: 4.3 inch, 16:9 widescreen TFT LCD
480 x 272 pixel (16.77 million colors)
Max. 600 cd/m2 (with brightness control)
Speakers: Built-in stereo speakers
Main Input/Output:
UMD Max (10x speed)
IEEE 802.11b,g,x* (WiFi)
Bluetooth 2.0 (A2DP, AVRCP)
USB 2.0 (Target)
Memory Stick™ PRO Duo (Up to 8GB support)

Karma the Goat Bleats onto the Scene

She might not seem like much now, but apparently Karma’s gonna get your goat at the end of October.

Update: It looks like the YouTube video has been pulled. Check it out at Yahoo! Videos here.

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