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EgoSurf: You’re So Vain You Probably Think This Website’s About You, Don’t You?

egoSurfAccording to the Wikipedia:

An egosurfer is one who surfs the Internet for his own name, to see what, if any, articles appear about himself. The search engine used most is Google, due to its ability to search billions of web pages.

Go check yourself out. Find your place™. I won’t tell anybody.


Microsoft Redesigns iPod Packaging (parody)

Awful (But Awesome!) Album Covers

albumcoversad.jpgYou’ve all seen blogs and webpages touting the ‘worst album covers’ – this list here is actually pretty funny.

Gallery of the Absurd

I like art, and I like making fun of celebrities.  Thank goodness I’m not the only one:

Talking Monkeys – What More Do You Want?

Show your co-workers how you really think about them.

Animal Vegetable Video


I caught this guy on Letterman a few months back – his site is crap, but the idea behind it is pointlessly weird and novel – strapping helmet-mounted video cameras to armadillos, scorpions, frogs, and… uh… plants.

I’m sure there’s some scientific value therin, but for now – it’s just cool.
Animal Vegetable Video: Outfitting Animals and Plants with Helmet-Mounted Video Cameras Worldwide

Axe Dry presents “THE GAMEKILLERS”

One UpperYour game is weak? Why? Because of these guys. You might have caught some of these spots on the telly. Concept is great, the execution even better. And I know we’ve all met the One Upper guy.

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