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Emo for Boys

Emo For Boys

Emo for Boys is a well designed & illustrated parody site used to show off a few shirts from FullBleed. I found this link because it was featured prominently in a WDAZ News program warning of the dangers of “Emo”, which, in case you haven’t heard, is short for “Emotional.”

Helvetica Documentary Posters Designed Predictably In Helvetica

Print by BuildPrint by Experimental JetsetPrint by NormPrint by David Carson v2

Pulp Fiction in Glorious Animated Typography

Kudos to Mark from 15posts for finding this beautiful work of animated typography. I watch this and I just want to eat it, it looks so good. I could almost watch a whole movie like this. Maybe. (Don’t you love how the little “Play” button from YouTube actually censors the frame?) It comes from the mad skills of Jarratt Moody. Say What Again.

The Downside of Brand Participation

How should Sony respond to this? How should Microsoft respond to this?

1992: Introducing A Revolutionary Computer Network Called ‘Internet’

The electronic scream means you’re connected to anywhere— to anyone riding the same internet circuit— from Turkey, Greenland, Peru, Nova Scotia… – CBC Prime Time News

May The PePaKuRa Be With You

Toysrevil links to this crazy crafting site of paper Lego StarWars characters. The country that brought us origami takes it one step further with 3D modeling software, a printer, paper, and a stick of glue. If I had a few hundred spare hours in my day, I’d be all over this sh*t!

Using software such as PePaKuRa Designer [PC only] from Tama software, it is possible to import and convert 3D polygon models from various sources, making it easier to design and create your own papercraft models.
Wikipedia entry

Free “Areas of My Expertise” at iTunes Canada

Areas of My Expertise Audio Edition

Run, don’t walk, to iTunes Canada and download this amazing and FREE audio book by American humourist John Hodgman. The Areas of My Expertise can only be described as fake trivia. You might know Hodgman from The Daily Show, McSweenys, the New York Times Magazine, This American Life, or CBC’s Wiretap. But chances are far greater that you know him simply as ‘PC’ from the ‘Get a Mac’ Advertisements by Apple. Predictably, John ‘PC’ Hodgman uses a Mac.

Cartoon Terror

Mooninite Terrorists

Paranoia elicits insane responses to the most benign events. A guerrilla marketing campaign (for Aqua Teen Hunger Force) goes nuclear, and instead of taking responsibility for over-reacting, the Cartoon Network shells out two million bucks and the city of Boston acts holier-than-thou. I don’t get it. I know we all need to be careful out there, but shouldn’t we focus our attention on the things that are actual clear and present dangers? More people will die in America from eating shitty food, murdering their families, driving drunk, AIDS, poverty… the list is pretty long. And the threat is tangible. Maybe that’s the problem. It’s easier to mobilize people with abstract fear because they never have to take any responsibility for their actions. You’re either with us, or you play with LiteBrite™. It’s that simple.

Bald Bitchin’ Britney

1,287 hits. That’s how many people have viewed this abc news footage of a bald Britney Spears entering a Tattoo parlor in Southern California. Now normally I don’t care much about Ms. Spears, but I am interested in viral videos. I am curious how long it will take from now (10:30am EST, Feb 17) for this video to get over a million hits, and then jump into the top 10. It happened Friday night, which may slow it down a bit, but by Monday (at the latest) this is going to catch fire. Actually, she looks kinda cool with a shaved head.


Bald Britney over 1 000 000 hitsUpdate: 284,613 in less than 90 minutes!

Update: 3:00pm Sunday February 18th, this video is well over a million hits. It is also the number one viral video on the ViralVideoChart, and Vidmeter. How long will it take to reach 10 million?


What is Lenovo?

[splashcast WLZP8744UA]

What is Lenovo? If you don’t already know (and many North Americans don’t) your mind will roll the word Lenovo around on your brain to see what associations are picked up. Enter the “Lenovo Blips”— over 100 short teaser spots (uploaded to YouTube, Yahoo Video, Google Video, and more) featuring random images and music clips meant to capture that feeling of free-association and peek curiosity.

Disclosure: Some of the regular writers for 1% were involved in the creation of these spots.

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