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The Simpsons Star Wars Intro

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While we all wait for the Star Wars version of Family Guy to come out, along comes this surprisingly authentic-looking Star Wars introduction to the Simpsons. It’s actually a homemade parody by illustrator ‘dude’ Rich Cando. First he’s going to get a big cease and desist from Lukas Arts and Fox. Then he’s going to get a big juicy job offer. On the internet that’s known as a win-win scenario.

Here are some screengrabs for when the video gets pulled:

Simpsons Star Wars 00

Simpsons Star Wars 01
Bart Skywalker and Yoggie

Simpsons Star Wars 02
Darth Homer

Simpsons Star Wars 03
Ned Solo and Chewbarney

Simpsons Star Wars 04
Abe Kenobi

Simpsons Star Wars 05
Moe’s Cantina

Simpsons Star Wars 06
No Droids

Simpsons Star Wars 08
Bart Skywalker’s Speeder Bike

Simpsons Star Wars 09
Darth Homer Runs Past Ned Solo Frozen In Carbonite

Simpsons Star Wars 10
Darth Homer, Queen Margeidala, Bart Skywalker, Princess Lisa, Yoggie, Rush For Couch. (Note homage to George Lukas’ first movie, THX 1138)

Simpsons Star Wars 11
Simpsons Star Wars Family

Simpsons Star Wars 12
Please don’t sue me!

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Briefs – Episode One

Briefs - Episode One

Check out the debut episode of Briefs, an online animated series about the ins, outs, perils, foibles, quirks, cliches, idiosyncrasies, truths, lies, and graphic violence of the advertising world.

To quote one advertising Blogger:

“…it may be offensive to some in our business since [Briefs] pokes fun at advertising stereotypes like excessive drinking, creative directors that don’t work, internships that last forever for no pay … there is a bit of cartoon gore, men in tighty-whiteys and mistreatment of both interns and account executives.”

If this sounds like something up your alley, go take a peek… but beware, the above part about men in tighty-whities is true.

Absolute scads of episodes are in production and coming soon!

Your Underwear Drawer Is Nothing Compared to DIZZIA

We all have friends who obsess over relationships. Some of us are guilty of it ourselves. But it might be a good idea to avoid befriending a budding information designer if you don’t want your relationship dissected, contrasted, compared, and then published for the world to ruffle through. Gregory M. DIZZIA has recently uploaded a ‘Relationship Project’ which “is the documentation of every intimate relationship [he has] ever had. The data spans 23 years.”

According to the ‘data’, Gregory was in 19 different relationships in 2002, 17 of which were sexual. In October of 2004 he finally got tested for STDs. He’s been engaged 3 times, and has possibly fathered 4 children (but he’s not certain). His ratio of breaking hearts versus having his heart broken is 7:4. And it goes on.

Whether this is fact or fiction is irrelevant, since any autobiography is bias in its very nature, but this is an interesting distillation of emotion and experience. Gregory is currently working on sketches to add to the names.

Relationship Expermiment

Need a friend for 5 minutes?

So you feel like meeting a new friend but you only have 5 minutes!
Well you are in luck!
Check out

Ray Fenwick’s Drama Club

 Drama Club

Ray did a comic strip  called “Hall of Best Knowledge” which was obsessive and silly and award winning. He certainly knows his way around a  a brush and ink. He’s got some new work up after he retired his “HoBK” called “Drama Club” which is also excellent. In fact, he has used… a colour or two in his new stuff! He’s also just signed a deal with Fantagraphics and sounds like a fun guy. For a few hours of entertainment you can’t go wrong. (Does this man sleep?)

Drama Club
Hall of Best Knowledge
His website

(RED) Herring


Yes yes, the celebrity hugging forces of (RED) are trying to besmirch a perfectly good colour. But I couldn’t help send in a piece for the World AIDS Day 24 hour Dazed Digital broadcast. They are accepting video, stills and stuff. If guys like Rankin and Helena Christensen, among others, can send in a self-promoting piece of flotsam, why can’t you? The above is my poor effort.

Go here. Get famous.

And by the way, Dazed Digital looks pretty good and is worth a visit anyways.

GIY Robots from LouLou Illustration


Here are some more GIY (glue-it-yourself) robots from LouLou Illustration. If you poke around you’ll find posters, maps, t-shirts, and sweet colourful vector graphics.

Punct Creatures

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