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Channel 4 Finds Max Headroom in a Nursing Home

Max Headroom, 2007

If you were a geek, or a budding geek, back in the 80s, then you knew about Max Headroom. He not only hawked C-c-c-coke in commercials, but in 1987, for one short year, he had his own dystopian television show that felt like a cyberpunk rendition of Brazil.

Channel 4 in the UK has brought Maximum Headroom back, sort of. He’s a rambling geriatric, being wheeled around in an old television set by a large, British caregiver. Max continuously babbles in stuttered samples as he is bathed, taken on slow-moving tours, and wheeled to the beach to stare at the sea.

The premise: Max Headroom was ready for all things digital 20 years ago, and now Channel 4 is going the same route. The ad is a bit jarring and abrasive, but then again, wasn’t Max Headroom always that way?


Kidrobot Creates Yo Gabba Gabba Toys, Apparel

UPDATE: This article has been moved to

Yo Gabba Gabba, described by Nick Jr. as “life lessons with a beat”, could more accurately be described as H.R. Pufnstuf, Sesame Street animations, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and The Friendly Giant put through a psychedelic-indie-techno-retro-west-coast blender. Here’s the intro:

And here’s a song to help kids eat their veggies.

It only makes sense that Kidrobot, purvayers of all things quirky and vinyl, would provide geek parents with another excuse to buy more toys. Come November 21st of 2007, look for Kidrobot [hearts] Yo Gabba Gabba figures, as well as some kiddie hoodies. Just in time for your (or your kids’) Christmas list.

Yo Gabba Gabba Action Figures
Kidrobot Yo Gabba Gabba Hoodies

Bite Me


I’m always on the looking for talented people who make ad guys appear to know what they’re doing (I need all the help I can get). Bite Animation are one of those crews. They’re a small motion graphics & design studio in Johannesburg who’ve done some impressive work for some very picky creatives. They’ve just relaunched their website so go visit them.  If you’re a fan of heavily layered illustration you’ll enjoy the experience.

Bite Animation 

Simpsons and Futurama Make Good Anime (As Does Calvin and Hobbes!)

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If you haven’t seen the work of Space Coyote yet, you probably will soon. The anime renditions of the entire Simpsons clan have started opening a few doors. These are essentially reverse caricatures, or re-caricatures, pulling the main identifying features from one genre to another. Space Coyote is very good at this, and continues to draw Matt Groening characters, as well as other well known and stylistic cartoon icons like Calvin and Hobbes.

via Trendhunter

Calvin and Hobbes anime style

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Yann Le Coroller – Angels In The Sky

 Carl on a cloud in the kitchen

Yann is a French digital designer plying his trade in NYC. His character design is totally charming and he’s made them available as desktop downloads.  As I was digging through his work I found his Product & Interface Design page, projects he does in his spare time because he apparently can’t help but try and make the world a better place. And we have nothing but respect for people who design a better iPod like object.


Prometeus Rising: The Media Revolution circa 2050

Everything related to the old media vanished. Gutenberg, copyright, the radio, television, advertisement.

Clark and Michael: Best New CBS Show Not On TV

UPDATE: This article has been moved to

Clarke and Michael

I have never seen Arrested Development. It is one of those shows I will probably gorge on during the summer television hiatus. But I always thought, based on it’s intense fan base, that it would be the perfect show to take onto the internet, and let the fans support it. That hasn’t been done yet, but CBS is trying an interesting experiment with Clark and Michael, an online only show staring Michael Cera (from Arrested Development) and Clark Duke.

Clark and Michael logoIt has an Office-like documentary style, and feels ad-lib like Curb Your Enthusiasm. These young actors are going to build a rapid and rabid fan base if they keep this up. It doesn’t feel like a big network is interfering with the style or humour (yet). My only complaint is that I can’t download this and watch it on my iPod. There is no where to subscribe to the show, other than YouTube or iFilm, which don’t have portable options.

If this is the new face of sitcoms, than sign me up. I’ll take a Larry David format over Jim Belushi any day of the week.

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