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Boxing With Robyn

This average (and two-minutes-too-long) remix by Ocelot of Robyn’s pseudo-hit from 2005 gets a new video that really packs a whallop midway through – some interesting camera work, some hopefully contractually obligated participants, one pink boxing glove, and some ungodly fast shutter clicks later, we have a music video that mostly has me wondering about what professional boxers must be enduring over their professional careers.


David Lynch Says “Get Real” To Movies on Your F***ing Phone

David Lynch speaks his mind on mobile movies. I love how he calls it watching a ‘film’ on your ‘telephone’. That’s so cute. The interview has been dubbed with iPhone music to be clever.

Now if you’re playing the movie on your telephone you will never in a trillion years experience the film. You’ll think you have experienced it, but you’ll be [clears throat] cheated. It’s a… such a sadness that you think you’ve seen a film on your fucking telephone. Get real.

How To Make 20 Minute Films The French Way

Wes Anderson may disappoint but Michel Gondry is forever. I cannot wait for this movie.

Yann Le Coroller – Angels In The Sky

 Carl on a cloud in the kitchen

Yann is a French digital designer plying his trade in NYC. His character design is totally charming and he’s made them available as desktop downloads.  As I was digging through his work I found his Product & Interface Design page, projects he does in his spare time because he apparently can’t help but try and make the world a better place. And we have nothing but respect for people who design a better iPod like object.


The Darjeeling Limited Less Limiting For Wes Anderson?

The Darjeeling Express
I’ve been waiting for a long while to feel that vintage Wes Anderson feeling. Since Royal Tenenbaums to be exact. I expected too much from Life Aquatic and left disappointed, and what’s going on with the Fantastic Mr. Fox? If there’s one thing I do like about Anderson it’s the compositions. The wonderfully placed cameras, the beautiful details, the symmetry. That is why a movie placed smack in the heart of India can’t be anything but gorgeous. The poster and the trailer (which surfaced today) seem to point in the right direction. It’s not Rushmore, but perhaps a more mature and nuanced take on brotherly relations then Bottle Rocket? It’s all glorious speculation for now.

Darth Vader iPhone Upgrade

Darth Vader iPhone Upgrade

May the Phone be with you!

The Simpsons Movie Personal Avatars

UPDATE: This article has been moved to

Simpsons jtedIf Matt Groening met Jason Theodor, this could be the result: a geeky Simpsons character, wearing a Ze Frank T-Shirt. You can log in and make your own from a limited array of choices (not unlike creating a Nintendo Mii), then save them and print them. Toysrevil has made a Simpsons Avatar flickr group to share your cartoon creations. My guess is you’ll be able to embed them on MySpace soon (since they are both Fox properties). I had to take a screenshot to upload this to my facebook profile, but I’m not holding my breath for a NewsCorp facebook app. This is a fabulous way to waste a ton of time, and build buzz for the upcoming Simpsons Movie.

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