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Inscribed in the Living Tile

TTC meets 1%

This article, plain and simple, blew me away. Presented at the ATypI Conference (Brighton, U.K., September 2007) by Joe Clark, a Toronto-based Accessibility Consultant, designer, and writer, this well-researched and comprehensive dissertation on the triumphs and foibles (but mostly foibles) of the inconsistent use of signage throughout Toronto’s city-wide transit system opened my eyes to so much happening around me (and I don’t just mean in regards to the TTC).

Everything from information design, accessibility, clarity, font usage, and branding comes into question throughout the article, taking into account history, opportunity, hegemony, possibility, and bureaucratic politics. It’s a bit of a long read, but I promise you’ll learn something.

Bad Signs

Apple Infects the Missouri School of Journalism

Apple Infects the Missouri School of Journalism
via Brand Infection

Robert Scoble says Microsoft should be freaked out.

Zune Is Ass Backwards

I feel guilty beating up on the Zune, but Microsoft just makes it so easy.
Zune is Ass
(via Fake Steve Jobs)

See also: Crazy Balmer Zune Dance or Zune Becomes Slang for Wannabe. Ouch.

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