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Viral Video Chart Countdown on YouTube

Viral Video Chart CountdownI love the Viral Video Chart. I check it daily to see what the most popular online videos are from MySpace, YouTube, and others. We even link to their cool RSS feed in our sidebar (look to your right). It looks like the guys over there have begun to compile all these hits into a short TopTen countdown. Check it out.


The Ad Feed Launches Ultimate “Adgregator”

The Ad Feed is inspired by, a site that really does nothing more than pull in feeds from the most popular sites on the web. Ad Feeds aggregates the best of the Advertising blogs, sites, videos, print, and outdoor. It’s a convenient one-stop-ad-chop if you’re into that kind of thing, and we’re into that kind of thing.

Here’s a list of some of the sites they’ve pulled in:

Agenda Inc.
NY Times Business-Media
Media Buyer Planner
Design Charts
MIT Advertising Lab
Logic + Emotion
American Copywriter
Seth Godin
Beyond Madison Avenue
plus: Quotes, TV Spots, and Print Ads.


They neglect, however, to include a few of my favourites:
Creative Juice
Banner Blog
Advertising Ourselves to Death

If any of you have the time to read all of these sites on a regular basis, you obviously don’t work in advertising.

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