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Bad Ass Rubber Band Double-Barrel Automatic Minigun

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Someone had fun in shop class. This ‘wooden toy’ is a home-made, twin cannon, automatic, revolving barrel, mounted minigun capable of firing 288 rubber bands in 7 seconds (approx 40 rb/s). It is appropriately named the Disintegrator. The only issue: takes a while to find, pick-up, and re-load hundreds of black rubber bands.

Hello Kitty Bling Bike

Hello Kitty Bling Bike
Wow. How much does it cost to convert an innocent Hello Kitty bike frame into a canvas for 50,000 Swarovski crystals? I don’t think this is going to be used as a training bike any time soon.

(link via Trendhunter)

Burnt Toys Sold As ‘Urban Collectables’

The Chinnychinchin e-shop sells “individually hand burnt… urban collectable cars” for only $49.95 per smoking carcus. How pleasantly creative and dystopian.

Windows, alloy wheels and stereo are not included… Range includes The Joy Ridden 2-Door Hatchback, The Minivan/Insurance Scam and The Petrol Bombed Jeep.

Urban Collectables

Mr. Zero Punctuation

Mr. Zero Punctuation

I was a little late in catching onto Mr. Zero Punctuation [Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw], an English video game reviewer for The Escapist magazine. A few scant months back, a co-worker of mine played Croshaw’s review of The Orange Box for me (knowing that I was a huge fan of the game) – and I found myself really not only bowled over by the quality of the review itself, but in the funny and unique presentation. Obviously, the guy gets his moniker from his verbal delivery… he snarkilytalksreallyfastandgetsinalotinaveryshortamountoftime – but the accompanying minimalist / information graphics-style animations are so simple, subversive, and friggin’ fast that you NEED to be paying very close attention to be getting all the jokes, cross-references, jabs, and barbs.

Hell, I’m even not the world’s biggest gamer (in fact, I remain blissfully unaware of most of the games he reviews), but whatever… I could watch this guy review breakfast cereal.

Check him out either via The Escapist or his blog.

Kidrobot Creates Yo Gabba Gabba Toys, Apparel

UPDATE: This article has been moved to

Yo Gabba Gabba, described by Nick Jr. as “life lessons with a beat”, could more accurately be described as H.R. Pufnstuf, Sesame Street animations, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and The Friendly Giant put through a psychedelic-indie-techno-retro-west-coast blender. Here’s the intro:

And here’s a song to help kids eat their veggies.

It only makes sense that Kidrobot, purvayers of all things quirky and vinyl, would provide geek parents with another excuse to buy more toys. Come November 21st of 2007, look for Kidrobot [hearts] Yo Gabba Gabba figures, as well as some kiddie hoodies. Just in time for your (or your kids’) Christmas list.

Yo Gabba Gabba Action Figures
Kidrobot Yo Gabba Gabba Hoodies

Hello Kitty Goes Vinyl

UPDATE: This article has been moved to

Urban Outfitters is now stocking collectible “blindbox” Hello Kitty vinyl figures.

When you thought she just couldn’t get any cuter. Limited edition Sanrio series of collectible Hello Kitty vinyl figures come in 12 designs, including a woodgrain Kitty and an ice cream cone Kitty. Collect them all!

Hello Kitty Vinyl Collectibles
Hello Kitty Boxes

Kidrobot Announces Dunny Series 4

12 Car Pileup
Time for me to start working a bit harder, because kidrobot‘s new DUNNYs are hitting the streets September 27th, 2007 (according to toysrevil). This looks to be a very varied and eclectic series. I will have to add as many of these as I can to my currently minuscule collection. I want the Droog and the Chinese Lucky Money Cat. Does anyone else care, or is it just me?


Dr. Viktor and the Happy Symbiosis: The Bizarre Plush Disco-Dancing Mollusk-Hosting Scientist-Exhibitionist

Toysrevil has some great background on Dr. Viktor, a graphic plush toy from the design firm Pattern.

Exhibitionist-scientist creator of “The Happy Symbiosis”, hosts Elias: a mollusk which gives him talent, but makes him lose control.

See what happens when Elias grows too big for his host and wants to remodel:

Here’s a beautiful graphic from the film, again, thanks to Toysrevil.
Viktor and the Happy Symbiosis

Fantastic Plastic Man: Playing Doctor With Japanese Organs

Fantastic Plastic Organs 1Fantastic Plastic Organs

Who hasn’t always wanted a miniature pancreas? Mark Frauenfelder’s friend brought these amazingly mini-anatomical toys over from Japan. Would you believe each box comes with a stick of gum? That’s like eating sushi after seeing a Body Worlds exhibit… (via Boingboing)

You won’t find these in the supermarket gumball machines, but you can buy them at Giant Robot in the U.S.

Rubik’s Cube Solved By Lego Mindstorms Robot

Lego Rubik’s Solver

Two of my favourite toys, working together to bring back 80s nostalgia. One Daniele Benedettelli built this robot and wrote the code to crack Rubik’s. He calls it the Lego Rubik Utopy, and did it using an IDA* heuristic search algorithm, of course. It’s all available to download and build yourself. All you need is a computer, a Lego Mindstorms NXT kit, a Rubik’s Cube, and a Computer Science and Engineering PhD.

(via Trendhunter)

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