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MacBook Air – Hit or Miss?

Macboo Air - Thinnovation

I’ve been thinking about this new laptop and I dunno if it’s what the industry needs right now…

Who is Apple’s target market? Let’s start with students, this definitely not for them! Compared with the Macbook, this one has no CD drive (most widely used hard media in school), wired connection deficient (Only one USB port and no ethernet), slower processor and its $300 more! How about the prosumers, again not for them! For most of the same reasons as students.

I mean if they are trying to break into the Ultra Mobile PC market this missed by about 6 or 7 inches. Size matters in that department, not only thickness and weight, length and width too. I really thought with Apple’s knack in UI, they could have fixed many of todays UMPC shortcomings! Maybe that’s the iPhone already but what is this one for? Some rich writer who just has to have the latest and greatest?

My Verdict is: This is an air ball of a  MISS!

What do you think? Look at it here.


David Lynch Says “Get Real” To Movies on Your F***ing Phone

David Lynch speaks his mind on mobile movies. I love how he calls it watching a ‘film’ on your ‘telephone’. That’s so cute. The interview has been dubbed with iPhone music to be clever.

Now if you’re playing the movie on your telephone you will never in a trillion years experience the film. You’ll think you have experienced it, but you’ll be [clears throat] cheated. It’s a… such a sadness that you think you’ve seen a film on your fucking telephone. Get real.

Make your own iPhone!

 alinium back

finished back

Well this guy did it! AOSHIMA

iPhone Ultimate Scratch Test

To read more about the Will It Blend campaign, see the article at

Darth Vader iPhone Upgrade

Darth Vader iPhone Upgrade

May the Phone be with you!

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