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The Union of User Generated Content Calls A Strike

In a statement released to blogs and YouTube today, the Chairuser of the Union of User Generated Content (UUGC) MastaMovie, said that Users were laying down their handicams and suspending their YouTube accounts until their demands for a share of Google AdSense was met. “There will be no more anime mashups with pop songs, no more cute puppy videos and definitely no more LolCats,” said the leader of the UUGC during a marathon 2 minute speech accompanied by video of his latest GTA exploits. “We’re the ones entertaining the masses and we demand our 5% share of the revenue stream.” Reports of severe content withdrawal are being reported from around the worl.d

MastaMovie slaughters bystanders while standing up for the rights of his Union.

Are you smarter than the average Canadian?

IQ Test

Check it out:

Viral Vampires! Game

Vampires! Online Game Screenshot

In a world of mind-boggling computer generated graphics, it’s comforting to know that sometimes all it takes is a great idea. My friend jrb from 15posts (among many, many other things) told me about this viral, text-based vampire game and honestly I have kept this open in one of my multiple Firefox tabs for days now. It is truly addictive in the most basic way. And be warned that by clicking on this link, you will become bitten by Hugems, my vampire.

eMusic – Super Music Site

I subscribed to a couple of weeks ago. They’re running a promotion where, if you sign up, you get 25 free songs to try the system out and if you cancel you don’t pay a cent. If you do decide to hand over your hard earned cash you pay 33 cents a song. Not the 99 cents at another certain i-Site. There are a lot of pluses and one or two minuses to this site.

On the plus. NO DRM (digital rights management). Yes, we get treated like people and not thieves at this site. You can put the songs on all your machines, on your iPod and back them up without going through hell. Surprisingly I haven’t shared one song I’ve bought from the site. For 33 cents you can get it yourself you cheapo.

They have a massive library of albums. The charts stretch down to about 7000 albums (over 1 million songs). Which is fairly amazing and incredibly daunting if you have no way of searching through it. Most people know a few bands they like and typically want more of that style. So if you find your band, emusic has a small, yet powerful, list of related bands on the right. Who came before, who is their contemporary and who followed them. Very important when you can buy albums back to the 1930’s. Who influenced who is incredibly important in the fresh music search. It’s all cross referenced.

Then you have the typical “what other people who liked this album liked”. This links into a brilliant Neighbours and Friends system that tracks people with a statistically similar taste to you which helps you stumble over more treasure.

They have an Emusic Magazine which highlights interesting stuff in the vaults as well as an eMusic Dozen section. This is where journalists and people who spend more time with music than I ever will collect twelve great songs or albums, explain why they’re interesting and how they’re linked and, again, kick up some really interesting finds.
The site has a simple app that you download to your machine that handles the file transfers. Fast and clean in my experience.

You can obviously preview all the music. This is where I find the system a bit crap. I run a mac so it may just be my problem. But it insists on downloading a streaming Quicktime file before I can listen to the clips. I’ve found that using Songbird to surf eMusic gets rid of this. That’s because Songbird can play all sorts of media files through the browser instead of using separate apps. Very convenient.

They don’t seem to get all the pop music releases right away. Which is fine. iTunes can do that and if I need it I’ll get it there. eMusic makes the history of music available to me and that is incredibly decent of them. Especially since I’ve stopped listening to the radio and being a teenager. Anything older than a year or as “obscure” as Bloc Party can be found pretty damn easily. And the hip hop and electronic sections are (probably because they have modern distribution plans) very cool.

I’ve barely mentioned all the ways that eMusic helps you expand your musical horizons. Interviews, history, profiles etc etc etc. I recommend the site for audiophiles (name a genre you obscure bastard, I dare you) of all sorts and people who like a cool track.

I’ve found Deerhoof “Friend Opportunity”, The Black Keys “ThickFreakness”, Dudley Perkins “Whassup World” off “Chrome Children” and I have a few new ones I’m thinking about. I dare you to try the same blind music hunt on iTunes.


Roddick vs Pong

Watch the commercial, then go online and Stop Pong! (brought to you by Fuel Industries).

Roddick vs Pong the Game!

American Dad Vs Family Guy Online Kung-Fu Action!

UPDATE: This article has been moved to


Pit Peter vs Stan, or Stewie vs Roger, or heck, why not Peter vs Meg? Take your favourite characters from American Dad and the Family Guy, mix in a little Street Fighter Kung-Fu action, add a dash of flash and a DVD promotion, and you’ve got yourself a fun little time waster. You can play in Arcade mode against the computer, or challenge a friend with head-to-head battles. I’d like to see someone try Family Guy Vs The Simpsons. Just putting it out there. Now get back to work.

Link: American Dad Vs Family Guy


Sudoku widget

The name Sudoku is the Japanese abbreviation of a longer phrase, “suji wa dokushin ni kagiru,” meaning “the digits must remain single”. Personally I think the pure translation is Number Crack.

If you don’t know what Sudoku is yet, boy are you in for some sleepless nights. It’s an addictive and challenging game that will drive you mad but keep you itching for more.

Download either the time-sucking Macintosh OSX Sudoku Widget or one of Yahoo!’s Konfabulator Mac/PC Sudoku Widgets. I expect never to here from you again.

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