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MyCuppa Promises That Perfect Blend of Coffee + Cream

MyCuppa 1

Now this is a cup I could wake up to every morning. Beautiful typography. Simple, clever, and functional design. A great gift for any graphics freak, whether they drink coffee or tea. (via information aesthetics)

MyCuppa detail

Drop Dead Gorgeous Consumers

Death by Oreos

Daniela Edburg has created a stunningly detailed series of photographs she calls Drop Dead Gorgeous. View a selection at The Morning News, and read the interview below the pics. Any traditional advertiser would shy away from depicting their consumers binging and dying from their products, but in truth, this shot makes me want to buy a bag of Oreos…

Death by Lifesavers

Keep Spare Cutlery In Your Wallet

Credit Card Cutlery
This designer compact cutlery set is available at the Shop at the Cooper Hewitt. Use your other credit cards as plates!

Thanks to Cory at BoingBoing for the link.

Kool-Aid + Pickles = Pickools?

Billie Williams, a 56 year-old special-education teacher, explains how to make Kool-Aid marinated pickles.

“They’re easy to make a gallon,” Ms. Williams said. “You pull the pickles from the jar, cut them in halves, make double-strength Kool-Aid, add a pound of sugar, shake and let it sit — best in the refrigerator — for about a week. The taste takes to anything. A while back I made a mistake and bought a jar of pickle chips instead of halves or wholes. Came out fine. This whole Kool-Aid pickle thing is going so good, you wonder why somebody hasn’t put a patent on them.”
—John T. Edge, New York Times, May 9th, 2007, need free membership to read.

I have heard them called Koolickles, but I think Pickools is a far better term. What do you think? Would you eat these? Can you think of anything else you could use Kool-Aid for?

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