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$300 Lobotomys in Toronto

This might explain why Toronto had Mayer Mel Lastman for so many years…

Polyvore for the Fashion Set(s) example

Polyvore is a ever-growing user-generated data base of fashion items, including accessories and furniture, that you can upload, mix and match. The interface allows you to re-size items and layer them, creating your own unique ‘looks’ that you can save as sets. The items are poached from other sites, but each one is carefully labeled, and the source identified (just in case you want to recreate your wardrobe ideas IRL).

I am interested in how they plan to make money. Affiliation is an obvious route, but not so obvious in practice, since the users are finding and creating the images. A partnership would make sense, where a 3rd party would supply pre-masked images and links and populate the database with their latest fashions, and pay Polyvore for the privilege of exposing their wares to fashion mavens.

It makes perfect sense that Polyvore also has a Facebook application.

Polyvore Facebook Application

Go To Hell With Church Sign Generator

There’s often nothing funnier than real church signs, but just in case you’ve got a hankering for the devil’s work, play around with the official Church Sign Generator.

Facebook Jesus
Heaven is full

PostSecret: The Movie

Nokia’s “Where’s the Phone” Research


“A lot of rich qualitative user research loses its soul by the time it’s been squeezed into conference and journal submission formats and in addition, work involving concept generation tends to remain confidential. So what you see here scratches the surface, nothing more.”

And that quote is about right, but do not think that it’s not very interesting. There are a lot of  odd tidbits that are worth knowing. They traveled to 11 cities, interviewed over a thousand people and have the pictures to prove it. If you have any interest in how hand held devices, any hand held device, may change in the future, these presentations may give you a little head start.

I enjoyed the blog format of their travels coupled with the PDF files that explain what they found. I guess the questionnaires must have been an exercise in information design by themselves, how do you ask a guy from Kampala about the interface design issues he’s been having? The writer posts some interesting thoughts from the cities, like this one, ‘ “What happens when everything is transformed into ‘experience’ shopping? And the experience shops are clustered in close proximity? Is it possible to experience, well, ‘experience fatigue’?” Some of them sound like he’s a bit jet lagged, some are relevant musings from a good scholar. It’s a blog, dammit.


The Simpsons Movie Personal Avatars

UPDATE: This article has been moved to

Simpsons jtedIf Matt Groening met Jason Theodor, this could be the result: a geeky Simpsons character, wearing a Ze Frank T-Shirt. You can log in and make your own from a limited array of choices (not unlike creating a Nintendo Mii), then save them and print them. Toysrevil has made a Simpsons Avatar flickr group to share your cartoon creations. My guess is you’ll be able to embed them on MySpace soon (since they are both Fox properties). I had to take a screenshot to upload this to my facebook profile, but I’m not holding my breath for a NewsCorp facebook app. This is a fabulous way to waste a ton of time, and build buzz for the upcoming Simpsons Movie.

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WikiWorld: The Illustrated Wikipedia

Greg Williams is a cartoonist who is working on a project called WikiWorld, a weekly comic that highlights the obscure reaches of Wikipedia. He just finished this wonderful illustration of John Hodgman (see related 1% article, Free “Areas of My Expertise” at iTunes Canada).


Here are a few more:

The Most Popular Blog on WordPress Can Has Cheezburger

The last sign before the impending apocalypse is upon us. I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER has become the most popular blog on WordPress. Described as “lolcats tagged for your convenience (also for your lol*’s)”, this sight delivers user submitted pictures of their pets (usually cats) with ludicrous captions that are a mash-up of leetspeak, SMS, and bad english. They are supposed to be funny.

Here is the picture that started it all, followed by a few fan favourites (you can vote via cheezburger on each individual pic).


Not to be outdone, I snapped a few pix of my favourite LolCat, Sabine. Using the crazy and ridiculous online application LolCats Buildr I easily uploaded, captioned, and submitted my entry in less time than it takes to say “CHEEZ”. See my fat cat below. I’ll let you know if she makes the cut…
LolCat Sabine

Watch Do The Right Thing / Sesame Street Before It Is Banned

Colour Me Kuler

kulerLast week Steve Rubel from Micro Persuasion wrote about Adobe Labs’ new and beautiful “social colouring” site called Kuler. He describes it thusly:

“[Adobe] unveiled a social network called kuler. Basically it’s a place for designers to share color combinations for different purposes. The site has tags, RSS feeds and desktop and Apollo widgets as well. Using the site, designers can upload color combinations they used for different projects.”

Urban Mustard and Relish

But wait! It’s so much more than that. It’s a site where designers can earn bragging rights to combinations of colour groupings that even Martha Stewart hasn’t marketed yet. It’s a place to get inspired about colour, to take ownership of swatches, to be judged by your peers. Not only is it a place to be inspired, but it’s also a serious colour theory tool that matches most commercial products in it’s complexity. My one complaint is the limit of 5 colours per swatch family, but the rest is a glorious spectrum of fun.


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