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Zune Is Ass Backwards

I feel guilty beating up on the Zune, but Microsoft just makes it so easy.
Zune is Ass
(via Fake Steve Jobs)

See also: Crazy Balmer Zune Dance or Zune Becomes Slang for Wannabe. Ouch.

Crazy Balmer Zune Dance

It’s just way to easy to make fun of Microsoft.

See also “Zune Becomes Slang For Wannabe. Ouch

Zune Becomes Slang for Wannabe. Ouch.

The Zune, Microsoft’s supposed iPod killer, has just been dealt another blow by Advertising Age’s Media Guy Simon Dumenco. In his glossary of must-know media terminology for 2007:

ZUNE: Microsoft’s new music player. Also [slang]: a poseur; a wannabe. Usage: “Dude, you look like such a Zune in that shirt.”

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