Asimo Suffers Embarrassing Fall On His Head

Well folks, we are a looooong way off from having these things clean our houses and perform light yard work. Not only is this cute little guy unbearably slow, but he can’t make it up a simple flight of stairs. I like the way the Honda team immediately blocks the view of the robot, like some twisted Japanese version of the restaurant scene in Brazil. Suddenly the lights are dimmed, dividers are unfolded around Asimo, and the young girl just stands by the stage the entire time. It sounds like the robot keeps talking, even after he smashes his head, but I can’t speak Japanese. Can anyone translate? I think my favourite part is when Honda turns off their sign that reads, “Honda: The Power of Dreams”. It’s all kind of sad, but I’ll say it again: I don’t think robots are going to take over the Earth any time soon.

2 Responses to “Asimo Suffers Embarrassing Fall On His Head”

  1. 1 ivanretry December 17, 2006 at 10:33 am

    Did you notice that the robot wasn’t watching where it was going? My mom always said…
    Then again, it wasn’t even 2 years ago that a walking biped robot was tripping over itself. Now it’s a climbing robot that’s falling over. And it obviously worked in testing (who put that Donkey Kong banana peel in the stairs?).
    Give it 5 years and robots will be asking for your job.

  2. 2 Marie March 20, 2007 at 5:20 pm

    Engineering a robot that can walk up stairs is a very difficult thing to do. In a CES presentation in 2006, it states that it took HONDA engineers 2 decades- that’s 20 years- to program ASIMO to walk up stairs. It takes all his techniques, from balancing to strength and force and the two cameras planted in his head. It takes even more precision and balance to go back down, and if you watch the presentation yourself you’ll see the strange pattern his legs move when he’s going down the stairs.

    And the reason he keeps talking is that, of course, they have no pain censors. And he was still up and running, he just had a damage to his leg and probably to his head. Would you expect him after he fell to emit high-pitched shrills of pain?

    To learn more, go to Google Movies and search “ASIMO CES presentation 2006”.

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