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Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See

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Gisele’s Water Dress!

UPDATE: This article has been moved to

Gisele’s Water Dress

Gisele’s Water Dress

Gisele’s Water Dress

Do I still have write anything for this? Its just awesome and sexy!
Anyway its aimed at protecting the Xingu river from pollution…

WWF Uses Sun In Global Warming Ads

(via NOTCOT)

1 Baby Buffalo vs. 4 Lions + 2 Crocodiles!

I remember watching nature shows when I was a kid, and finding out later that they were all set ups: take a hungry lynx out of his cage, throw a rabbit at him, and film the action. Then film it again and again with different animals at different times, and splice the whole things together as one ‘natural’ piece of fiction. It made me a little jaded about nature films. But in the age of ubiquitous video cameras and an infinite distribution medium, all kinds of crazy natural events are being captured and shared. Take Battle at Kruger for example: unless this is some ridiculously elaborate hoax, it might be the most exciting nature video I have seen. It has everything: suspense, drama, action, violence, and an unbelievable ending.

UPDATE: 2 months later, and this video is suddenly picked up by and thrown onto their homepage. Now it is the number one video on again, and gaining mad hits on YouTube (11,222,691 as of August 11, 2007: 1pm EST). Say what you will, but Yahoo! obviously drives a lot of traffic. Especially from Yahoo! India which has a good back story.

About Kurt Vonnegut, The People and Our Planet!

Les patriarches


Mad Meg has a keen fondness for HB pencils. And bugs. And imaginary creatures. And museum exhibits of the bizarre. And for doing vast amounts of creative work. The one project is 472 pages! Enjoy the mad wickedness.


Tater Tot goes for dead boyfriend Sam’s Title


So… Sam, the so-called “World’s Ugliest Dog” (winner of the Interational World’s Ugliest Dog pageant for several consecutive years, naturally), is still dead (and probably raising holy heck in puppy heaven or limbo or wherever he ended up).
However, his puppy-widow (yes, even Sam and Hitler had girlfriends) is gunning for his crown in this year’s competition. Check out their blog

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