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Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See

Which column do you choose?

George W. Bush Questioned About The War On… Zombies?

Video from (via zefrank)

Shift Happens 2.0

Face Off

MTV Switch
Play MTV Switch “Faces”

This is a classic example of ideas stepping on ideas. Which is to say these two ads almost come from the same cutting room. I appreciate that the takeout is different, one is about the hungry mouths of power outlets and the other is about the big mouth of the Audi A4. I also understand that the creative teams were oblivious to one another (MTV Switch 2007, Audi A4 2005). And the MTV ad is for an environment saving “charity” and Audi is an environment destroying car. Despite all these dissimilarities, they are ridiculously similar (and I’m sure similar to a hundred other references).

So, the important question is: Which soundtrack do you prefer?

ps. The Audi A4 ad is mine by the way.

Cartoon Terror

Mooninite Terrorists

Paranoia elicits insane responses to the most benign events. A guerrilla marketing campaign (for Aqua Teen Hunger Force) goes nuclear, and instead of taking responsibility for over-reacting, the Cartoon Network shells out two million bucks and the city of Boston acts holier-than-thou. I don’t get it. I know we all need to be careful out there, but shouldn’t we focus our attention on the things that are actual clear and present dangers? More people will die in America from eating shitty food, murdering their families, driving drunk, AIDS, poverty… the list is pretty long. And the threat is tangible. Maybe that’s the problem. It’s easier to mobilize people with abstract fear because they never have to take any responsibility for their actions. You’re either with us, or you play with LiteBrite™. It’s that simple.

US Presidential Elections 2.008

I love watching all the crazy things that happen leading up to a US Presidential Election. I love the hype and the spin and the frenzy. The most interesting part is watching the candidates react under pressure, especially now in the age of camera phones, YouTube videos, and instant, intimate coverage of every blink, breath and wave. It’s crazier than any reality show. It’s also fantastically interesting to see how various candidates are using the online space, be it Flickr, SecondLife, MySpace, blogging, podcasting, etc.

The Democrats are kicking ass on MySpace, with tens of thousands of friends. Obama just cracked 40,000, Hillary’s on her way to 23,000 and Edwards has over 11,000. The closest Republican, Ron Paul, has a lonely 2300. An election won’t be won or lost on MySpace, but it does say something about how people want to connect to their (prospective) leaders.

Micah Sifrey pitches his site, which has amazing graphs charting the fluctuating MySpace friends of the major contenders:

Come check out, where we’re tracking not just how the presidential candidates are using the web, but how the web is using the candidates. Some features: we’re scraping their MySpace pages to track trends in presidential friending…we’re delivering a live feed of citizen photojournalism culled from Flickr…we’re looking at how they’re using search (would you believe the Republicans are taking more advantage of buying keywords than the Dems?)…and we’re about to post a detailed look at their presence on YouTube.

Then there’s Discursive‘s post on the platform various candidates are running on. And I don’t mean their party platform, but their technology platform: Did you know Obama uses Linux? Interesting and geeky discussion and dissection.

PresidentFeed (created by Tim O’Brien from Discursive above) tries to cover everybody in the race, with links to their blogs, MySpace accounts, Flickr pix, Wikipedia entries, YouTube channels, and official sites. It also allows visitors to login and vote for their favourite right now.

Man, this is going to be fun.

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