Fans and Foes Create Ads for Chevy Tahoe

First advertised on The Apprentice, Donald Trump’s reality TV show, Chevy Tahoe asked viewers and fans to come to their site and create their own ads. They had access to music, running footage, and the ability to create their own supers.

SUVs are a big, easy target for environmentalists, ad jammers, pranksters, and spoofers. And they’ve been making crazy ads on GM’s site. This puts GM and Chevy in a bind. Do they pull the ads and get accused with censorship? Or do they keep the ads up and just face the music. To their credit, the ads are still there.

I personally believe that real fans of the Tahoe won’t care about other people slamming an SUV. They’ve probably heard it all before anyway. And this so-called ‘negative’ press is likely driving a lot of traffic to the Tahoe site. My biggest fear is that this will be seen as a failure by other advertisers, and they’ll be more reluctant than ever to take risks online.

Watch more Tahoe ads on YouTube. Or make your own commercial online.

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